You Tweet Too Much…

Remember that song, You Talk Too Much? That’s me. I Tweet too much. I just noticed that in my time on Twitter, I have Tweeted 37,615 times! Working at home has its perils and one of them is being addicted to Twitter. Why am I so addicted?

1) I’m social and freelancing has curtailed my human contact. I work at home, am not in the office environment with others around, am not doing the entertaining I used to do (thank you sucky economy), etc. So Twitter is my social life at the moment or at least 89 percent of it.

2) I’m naturally garrulous. I am chatty and ramble, though not annoyingly so.

3) There’s just so much that is interesting going on, on Twitter! Stop Tweeting interesting stuff you guys!

Riding the Klout Rollercoaster

I’m competitive. Really competitive mixed with obsessive (ask anyone who sees my GetGlue stickers), so at times it gets a little crazy around here.

Take for example. I signed up for Klout in the beginning and really didn’t think much about it. It was new and shiny so I was in wait and see mode. I’d check my Klout once in a while and damn it, it hooked my obsessive, competitive streak. I HAD to drive my score up and beat myself. I told you, it gets a little nuts around here in my brain. My Klout went all the way up to 70! I was stoked. Then I got busy with work and it dropped to 55. I freaked, and got back to Twitter and started Tweeting up a storm, adding to Facebook (which I rarely use and really don’t like), etc. I got it back up to 68. Whew! I could relax.

Lately, though I’ve been disconnecting from Twitter to spend quality time with my grandkids. I don’t want to be hanging out with them and be on Twitter from my phone or laptop. I want to give them my full, undivided attention. So I’ve been completely unplugged on weekends for the past month or so and my Klout score has taken a dive again. Well, it dips, it rises, it dips, it rises again. It’s a rollercoaster.

Dear Klout, I love you but can you cut us Twitter vacationers a little slack please? I don’t like the idea of being penalized for spending quality time and I don’t like the idea of scheduling Tweets because the whole reason I am on Twitter is to engage and interact. I’m not there to be absent and robotic.

I hate to think of what will happen to my Klout when I (God forbid) ever get that vacation in Paris I’ve been dreaming of or that cooking vacation in Tuscany. Seriously, do you think I’m going to be on my laptop? Twitter and Klout will be forgotten if that happens.

Twenty Minutes Without Twitter

I was working. Something seemed wrong with Tweetdeck. All of a sudden, those little bleeps and Growl notifications on my screen weren’t happening. The stillness was intense. What the heck? So I re-logged and re-started Tweetdeck. Nada. Hmm…weird. I restarted again and this time my Tweetdeck window came up empty! GAH! What was going on?

I went to and got the message – Google Chrome can’t find the site you’re looking for. OMG! Twitter was DOWN?! What to do? I didn’t want to believe it. Next step run to and sure enough they say that Twitter is “likely experiencing service disruption”. GAH!

So I ran to Facebook. By now I was like a chicken with my head cut off. Didn’t know what to do with myself and suddenly felt achingly lonely. The nature of my work is very solitary and Twitter keeps me connected to the real world on those days I don’t get out and see people. I felt lost.

I posted on FB about Twitter and soon someone responded, then another someone who was also feeling frustrated and lost without it. Soon enough, my people online list started to fill up with little green lights. I wasn’t the only one missing that human (kind of) contact from Twitter.

I’m betting that if Twitter hadn’t have come back up, I would have taken a walk, baked a pie, fiddled around in the garden or gone on a Ginaventure, but it did. Twenty minutes of loss and it was back up, sucking me in. The little green lights on Facebook clicked off one by one as we all headed back to Twitter.

Proof I need to disconnect? Well, yes. Proof of the power of Twitter? Yes. Proof that Twitter is crack? Yep.

I’m addicted, but am I addicted to Twitter itself or human contact?