The Randomness of Twitter

I love Twitter.

Twitter has made me friends, gotten me jobs, freelance work, taken me places, let me know about a whole wide world of wonder and kept me entertained.  I honestly don’t remember what I did without it.  I think my life would be much the less without it.

Most of all, Twitter makes me laugh and laughter is good for the soul.

Take made up words, for example.  I love them, use them and make them up myself but the wonder that is Twitter has shown me new ones like:

Fuckery – do I know what it means?  Nope, but its funny as hell.

Asshattery – ROFL

Asshat – already I am dying laughing here.

Nitwittery – love it.

Fuckalicious – no idea but omg

Assplosions – enough said

Then, there are the most random conversations I strike up with people.  Take today for example, when I Tweeted a link I found in my Google Reader (another source of hilarity) about the Feds blocking a man from donating his sperm online.  Really.

Someone read it and we began chatting about it.  New friend, more laughs, totally random and some Christian right winger somewhere probably unfollowed me (Thank God).

I can’t count the number of times that Twitter made me spray my laptop keyboard with coffee, water or whatever I was drinking at the moment because I laughed out loud at something I saw.  Twitter should come with laptop screen insurance.

While Twitter is great for business, marketing, brand building and all that; sometimes you just have to step back and embrace the complete randomness and madness of it.

Have fun!



That about sums up today. Woke up feeling blah, spent the day feeling blah, tried to walk it off – still blah.

I think Twitter is wearing me down. There’s so much bullshit and stupid, little cliquey things going on. For the most part, it’s great but damn I hate the high school aspects of it. I left high school a LONG time ago, and I don’t have time for this crap. Seriously, I don’t. I didn’t give a crap when I WAS in high school about being one of the popular kids. All I cared about was my books and writing. Frankly, that’s pretty much how I roll these days too, with a few additions and exceptions.

So I’m going to take a Twitter break, give myself a few days of not watching people play little games in public and think they are slick. I’m going to bake, walk out in the sun, spend time with friends and family and re-charge my batteries.

It seems funny writing this one the heels of my lost without Twitter post yesterday, but seriously the past twenty-four hours have been annoying. That break is needed.

The blah is already lifting.