The Winter of My Discontent

The geraniums are surviving an L.A. winter

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York;
And all the clouds that low’r’d upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
Richard The Third Act 1, scene 1, 1–4, by William Shakespeare

Sooner or later there had to be a Shakespeare reference in my writing. It’s my comfort, and almost like a talisman or Magic 8 Ball to me. Something wrong? Flip to any random page in the Collected Works and find an answer. Ok, so maybe not, but it makes me feel better.

When I was ten years old or maybe eleven, my grandmother and Aunt Jessie took me to the mall and said that I had ten whole dollars to spend. The Glendale Galleria was a new thing and like any kid with a fistful of unexpected money, I was excited. I didn’t know what to buy. Toys didn’t appeal. Clothes? No. Then I saw it, the huge volume of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare sitting on a stand. It was HUGE, it was brown, it was some kind of fake leather binding and it was ten dollars. My eyes lit up, and I skipped to it, picking the heavy thing up lovingly. I had no idea who Shakespeare was, but I wanted this book.  It was my first remembered incident with that thing Nancy Pearl calls Book Lust. I coveted this book desperately.

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What I’m Reading & Sharing

I read a LOT!

Not just books.

AmoXcalli is for books and that’s where I talk about the books I read.  But, I read much more, daily and often, I share on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s two days in links from my Buffer Dashboard.

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Kindled Out

I have a Kindle. Nothing fancy, just the little $79.00 one (I am so impatient for the new Kindle Fire), but it’s enough (though it would be so much better with a light in it). I’ve set up collections for Jasmine of books she’d love to read and together, we found Amazon’s freebies of wonderful 19th century books. To my surprise, there were a lot of the books I’d fallen in love with at her age: Pollyanna; Five Little Peppers and How They Grew; Anne of Green Gables; Eight Cousins; Jo’s Boys; and on and on.

This weekend we found all the Andrew Lang Color Fairy books and I was taken back to a little LAPL (Los Angeles Public Library) on Elizabeth Street in Cudahy where I first stumbled upon those books. I read them avidly all summer and fell in love with the tales. My favorite was one called Cap O’Rushes. The thought of Jasmine reading that story made me smile. Jasmine and I happily downloaded all the fairy books to the Kindle and set up yet another collection.

On weekends there, I hand over the Kindle and don’t see it again until I’m home, when she reluctantly hands it over as I get out of the car. I foresee a Kindle in her Christmas future.

The Kindle is getting packed and now, with Cybils nominations closed and the availability of many of the nominated titles on Kindle, this thing just might end up being maxed out.