Sunday Sky Watching in L.A.


It’s Sunday.  Palm Sunday if you’re Catholic, which I’m not but a lot of L.A. is.

The sky is glorious today partly because I live in California and partly because it rained yesterday and it’s windy.  Big, fluffy, picture-perfect clouds, scintillating blue and the scent of flowers on the wind.  Perfection.

It was family day for me.  A day out driving around this city I love so much with the people I love most.  Jasmine, Aiden and Marissa.  We drove with the windows down, letting all that lovely wind ruffle our hair and feeling it on our face.  First we headed to do the serious business of laundry and got that taken care of efficiently and quickly. We’re pros at laundromats.

Next up, a drive through to get much needed sustenance and coffee then we just drove around Highland Park, meandering around, up and down hills just enjoying the sunshine and wind.  We came upon a man in front of a Catholic church selling woven, elaborate palms fronds in honor of Palm Sunday.  We bought a few, but it occurred to me that Jesus probably wouldn’t approve of selling outside the church.  But, this is L.A., I’m not Catholic and the day was too pretty for me to give it more than a passing thought.  The grandkids wanted to know what Palm Sunday meant so, as we drove, I told them the story and for some strange reason, it ended up being a long discussion about ritual, holidays and the different customs and practices of different religions.  The grandkids are so curious!  I’m glad I actually know this stuff (thanks Grandma Lupe for all those bible stories!).  Throughout the drive, we sky watched.

Sometime after 1:00 p.m. we suddenly decided we needed girly stuff done and Aiden, generous soul that he is, didn’t grumble when we parked in front of the nail place.  I got a manicure and so did Jasmine.  Marissa and I also got our eyebrows done.  We took Aiden shopping in the Dollar Store so he had fun too.  Then we drove some more.

Eventually, the lovely day was over and I got dropped off at home to put away my clean laundry and clean my kitchen.  The grandkids are here, munching popcorn and watching movies.  We’re going to make a stuffed bear a little later.  They’ll leave in a couple of hours and I’ll have a relaxing night, probably dreaming about how blue the sky was today.

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