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What I’m Reading & Sharing

I read a LOT!

Not just books.

AmoXcalli is for books and that’s where I talk about the books I read.  But, I read much more, daily and often, I share on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s two days in links from my Buffer Dashboard.

Kindle Fire: Ad Impression Delivery on Fire

How to Turn Your Tablet into an Awesome, Productivity-Boosting Second Screen
Almond and Orange Blossom Croquants Cookies
Inclán aprendió náhuatl para interpretar a Moctezuma – El Universal – Espectáculos
Luis Rodriguez, Author Of ‘It Calls You Back,’ On Los Angeles’ Revolutionary Past
Mexico to cash in on 2012 Mayan end of the world apocalypse prophecy – Telegraph
The Science of Staying Young: Scientific American
Animation Desk for iPad presents you the virtual reality of creating animation. « lakingeneva1
Touch Press talks digital publishing, Kindle Fire and inspirational book-apps
Roger Ebert’s Top 20 Movies of 2011 | /Film
Feds Tell Man To Stop Giving Away His Sperm for Free Online
Kindle Fire Utility Easily Roots, Updates, and Hacks Your Kindle Fire
Two days in the desert with Apple’s lost founder, Ron Wayne —
Bill Clinton’s 21 Favorite Books
Geologists Find Source of Stonehenge’s Inner Stones: #science #geology
Google+ rolling out new features this week #google #tech #latism #llblog
Super Bowl to be streamed online and to Verizon phones for the first time — Engadget
McSweeney’s to Start Poetry Imprint :
Smurf town in Spain votes to stay blue – Boing Boing #smurfs #movies #spain #latism #llblog
How Twitter Stores 250 Million Tweets a Day Using MySQL ..
Vaclav Havel – An Intertwining of Artist and Politician
Why hardware is the new software – Fortune Tech
Michael Chabon takes backlist titles to e-publisher
Mexico Mayan region launches apocalypse countdown
Beethoven music shaped by gradual deafness, say experts
Scientists discover how water makes chili peppers hotter –
Mexico to cash in on 2012 Mayan end of the world apocalypse prophecy:
Everyone’s Mixtape Is a Socially-Curated Playlist Creator
Some Spiders Have Brains in Their Legs

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