What I’m Reading & Sharing

I read a LOT!

Not just books.

AmoXcalli is for books and that’s where I talk about the books I read.  But, I read much more, daily and often, I share on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s two days in links from my Buffer Dashboard.

Kindle Fire: Ad Impression Delivery on Fire

How to Turn Your Tablet into an Awesome, Productivity-Boosting Second Screen
Almond and Orange Blossom Croquants Cookies j.mp/vv4vCH
Inclán aprendió náhuatl para interpretar a Moctezuma – El Universal – Espectáculos http://j.mp/vxLb9I
Luis Rodriguez, Author Of ‘It Calls You Back,’ On Los Angeles’ Revolutionary Past j.mp/t3Do5q
Mexico to cash in on 2012 Mayan end of the world apocalypse prophecy – Telegraph http://j.mp/v57tc1
The Science of Staying Young: Scientific American http://j.mp/uOCmUk
Animation Desk for iPad presents you the virtual reality of creating animation. « lakingeneva1 http://j.mp/vXahaT
Touch Press talks digital publishing, Kindle Fire and inspirational book-apps http://j.mp/tihOlO
Roger Ebert’s Top 20 Movies of 2011 | /Film http://j.mp/rPDlyg
Feds Tell Man To Stop Giving Away His Sperm for Free Online j.mp/vHCzQV
Kindle Fire Utility Easily Roots, Updates, and Hacks Your Kindle Fire j.mp/rSSXe0
Two days in the desert with Apple’s lost founder, Ron Wayne — j.mp/sbNByQ
Bill Clinton’s 21 Favorite Books j.mp/tuH7cb
Geologists Find Source of Stonehenge’s Inner Stones: j.mp/v90nwv #science #geology
Google+ rolling out new features this week j.mp/rUORmK #google #tech #latism #llblog
Super Bowl to be streamed online and to Verizon phones for the first time — Engadget http://j.mp/vHt8LT
McSweeney’s to Start Poetry Imprint : j.mp/vQ7fP0
Smurf town in Spain votes to stay blue – Boing Boing j.mp/rxWIcI #smurfs #movies #spain #latism #llblog
How Twitter Stores 250 Million Tweets a Day Using MySQL j.mp/s64WEC ..
Vaclav Havel – An Intertwining of Artist and Politician j.mp/v5ZKfI
Why hardware is the new software – Fortune Tech http://j.mp/vfrANu
Michael Chabon takes backlist titles to e-publisher j.mp/uFcyur
Mexico Mayan region launches apocalypse countdown j.mp/udg4ch
Beethoven music shaped by gradual deafness, say experts j.mp/tbyyFc
Scientists discover how water makes chili peppers hotter – CSMonitor.com http://j.mp/v0gIms
Mexico to cash in on 2012 Mayan end of the world apocalypse prophecy: j.mp/v57tc1
Everyone’s Mixtape Is a Socially-Curated Playlist Creator j.mp/tUBHVv http://j.mp/tUBHVv
Some Spiders Have Brains in Their Legs j.mp/sUarXY

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