When I Wrote Because I Loved It

I was on Twitter right now as I am most days.  I keep it running in the background while I work.  I’m also Tweeting for the Cybils again and so I am on Twitter even more than usual if that’s possible.  Looking at my stream all I saw for a full five minutes was people’s links to their blog posts about giveaways and it got me thinking about writing.  I go to some of these blogs and post after post is a giveaway or product endorsement.  Not that that’s bad.  No, no I’m not putting these bloggers down.  I’m just kind of angry at myself for at times getting swept away on the whole product endorsement bandwagon.

I started blogging more than six years ago at Xispas.com.  I did reviews of Latino books.  I didn’t get paid.  I didn’t even get free books.  I did it because I loved books, reading and Latino lit; and wanted to put it out there.  Eventually, I started my own blog AmoXcalli that was ALL about books.  Every kind of book, with a strong focus on Latino Lit and Kidlit.  I got lots of free books but I also bought a ton too, and reviewed older backlist books.  Through AmoXcalli I met the wonderful bookish community whose blogs I love.  I fell into the Cybils through AmoXcalli too and that’s been simply wonderful.  It’s my sixth year with them and a more wonderful group, you’ll never find.

On my forty-sixth birthday I got to thinking about my grandmother’s recipes and how I was forgetting them so I started Doña Lupe’s Kitchen.  I started it out of love for cooking and writing.  I eventually ran into Foodbuzz and have their ads running on my blog.  They are a GREAT company and I love them.  I do occasional product reviews for them, but not on a large scale.  The meat of my blog is about family and food.

I don’t blog much anymore on either blog.  I got sick a few years ago and cut way back on my writing/blogging.  Once in a while I will pop in, dust things off and write.  When I do, I remember when it was all about the writing, my very first love and I get wistful.  Well-intentioned too.  I want to go back to writing just because I love it and not because I’m doing something for someone or something.  I need to peel back to who I was when I started blogging and just write for love.

It’s time.

I’m healthy now and can’t use that as an excuse.  While I’m busy freelancing and still looking for full time work, I can pay my bills and rent.  I have time.  Not much, but I do have time.  I need to dig in deep and find the love.  This journal is helping.  It reminds me of when I wrote because I loved it, because I simply HAD to write or I didn’t feel like myself.

Something has been mising in my life and that something is writing every day…


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